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From find to field

in minutes, not years.

A new standard for oil field appraisal.


With Hydrophilic technology, you'll be able to find the oil/water contact without having to drill additional wells. By measuring water and oil pressure inside the reservoir rock —a method never available before— we remove the need for a second appraisal well.


This will significantly shorten the appraisal phase and limit the environmental impact.

With one measurement, you'll know whether the reservoir is worth developing.

Because of a lack of information
from the discovery well,

common practice is to drill as many appraisal wells as needed
to find the oil/water contact.

With Hydrophilic technology,
the actual oil/water contact

can be ascertained from the

first well.

The patented Hydrophilic

probe measures the water

pressure of the thin water film present in reservoir rock,

using it to calculate the depth of the oil/water contact.


Trond Rolfsvåg, the inventor of the technology, established Hydrophilic AS in 2016 in order to develop the Hydrophilic Probe technology. In May 2017, the company was accepted into Validé’s Incubator program. 

The «Proof of Concept» phase was completed in 2017, and included  laboratory testing at

University of Strathclyde, independent verification of the results and theory at IRIS, and a conceptual tool design at Aarbakke Innovation. This phase was funded by Statoil «blue sky»,  Innovation Norway and the Oil & Gas Innovation Center (OGIC) in the UK. Currently, Aker BP, ConocoPhillips, Equinor, Faroe Petroleum and OMV provide financial support to the development of the technology.



The Hydrophilic advisors cover a lot of ground with their diversity in both experience and knowledge. Although they have refreshingly different backgrounds, they are still similar in that they have all taken risks and lived through changes in their past, and by doing so created new opportunities for other people. Hydrophilic is proud and fortunate to have them as advisors.

Martin Sigmundstad
Manager Energy Incubator 
Validé AS
Terje Handeland
New Business Development manager
 Validé AS
Einar Bekkevold
Technology Investment, Management - LEAN and Engineering Services
Tarald Gudmestad
Engineering Manager
Aarbakke Innovation AS
Harald Syse
Reewell AS
Ying Guo
Senior Business Developer
IOR/CCUS (NORCE), and Director
The IOR Center of Norway (UiS)
Lindsay Wilson
ORCA Hub Manager
Heriot-Watt University
Craig Lindsay
Core Specialist Services
Knut Åm
Independent Technology Consultant
in Stavanger
Olav Mellemstrand
Project Developer


Hydrophilic AS

Esterbakken 2, N-4056 Tananger, Norway


Trond A. Rolfsvåg, CEO


+47 478 33 456



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