About us

We like to think of ourselves as a reservoir engineering company. Our experience as reservoir engineers lets us appreciate the challenges that come with the job. We know the value of information when it comes to determining the potential of a hydrocarbon reservoir, and we know that whether we’re dealing with a wildcat exploration well or a producing reservoir, reservoir engineers thrive on precise data.

The Hydrophilic reservoir intelligence technology is currently being developed, tested and demonstrated. In 2024 the game changing technology will become commercially available and offered as a service to the international E&P industry. Trond Rolfsvåg, the inventor of the technology, established Hydrophilic AS in 2016 in order to develop the Hydrophilic Probe Technology. In May 2017, the company was accepted into Validé’s Incubator program.

Tests have been carried out at Strathclyde University in Glasgow, at NORCE and at Aarbakke Innovation. Image from NORCE – thinking, testing and improving

The «Proof of Concept» phase was completed in 2017, and included laboratory testing at University of Strathclyde, independent verification of the results and theory at NORCE, and a conceptual tool design at Aarbakke Innovation. This phase was funded by Equinor «blue sky», Innovation Norway and the Oil & Gas Innovation Center (OGIC) in the UK. Currently, Aker BP, ConocoPhillips, Equinor, DNO and OMV provide financial support to the development of the technology. Wintershall DEA and Vår Energi have expressed interest in supporting the further development of the technology.

In 2018 the Hydrophilic technology was conceptually designed also for use in producing reservoirs (patent pending). We call it Continuous Reservoir Monitoring.

The team at Aarbakke Innovation working with care and precision to develop the Hydrophilic logging tool.