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Hydrophilic is developing a tool and a technology never seen before on the global market. Our technology will determine the volume of an oil reservoir and reduce the need for appraisal drilling. By reducing appraisal drilling we will be able to cut costs substantially for global energy companies.

Hydrophilic in minutes

Patents and publications

With our technology we provide decisive information on the potential of hydrocarbon reservoirs. In order for Hydrophilic to develop the best technology available we use years of reservoir engineering experience, we gather a lot of clever people, and we use scientific methodes to move forward. Please find below some downloads that will give you more insight in Hydrophilic.


The Hydrophilic reservoir intelligence technology is currently being developed, tested and demonstrated. In 2022 the game changing technology will become commercially available and offered as a service to the international E&P industry. Many are on board as investors and financial supporters, and we’re open for new investors.

Trond Rolfsvaag: 67.84%
Equinor Ventures AS 11.90%
Aarbakke Innovation AS 8.55%
Craig Lindsay 3.10%
Validé AS 2.37%
Bekkevold AS 2.37%
AAI employees 1.15%
Others: 2.72%

Our Board of Directors

Torger Skillingstad


Hans Fjellanger


Trond Arne Rolfsvåg


Solveig Riisøen


Jeroen Van der Hoek


Tron Bjelland Helgesen


Ellen Bru Solberg


Pierre Hacquard


Reasons to invest

Well financed

A well-financed and planned development run

Patents in place

Patented technology approved in Norway and several other countries including USA. Two more patent applications filed.

Corporate and government support

Supported by The Research Council of Norway, Equinor, AkerBP, OMV, Wintershall DEA and Vår Energi

Smart technology

Technology suited for appraisal phase as well as the production phase

International potential

Great international potential


Reduced need for drilling wells reduce environmental impact