Support from Equinor and Wintershall Dea in Joint Industry Project #3

We are happy to announce that our JIP#3 is on its way.

We are happy to announce that our JIP#3 is on its way.

With support from Equinor and Wintershall Dea we will move to field testing of the already built HLT (Hydrophilic Logging Tool) prototype. The project will, based on the experience of the prototype HLT, further redesign and build commercial versions of the tool.

This project is the continuation of “DEMONSTRATION OF A HYDROPHILIC PROBE” joint industry project (JIP #2 ) that was carried out during 2020 – May 2022.

The objective of the project is to mature and demonstrate the HLT technology to a level that makes it commercial and field proven.

We are looking forward to work with our partners to make the Hydrophilic Logging Tool a success!

The HLT from Hydrophilic is being developed to make exploration and appraisal of hydrocarbon discoveries more efficient. This new wire-line tool will measure the distance to the free-water-level (FWL) and help determine the size of the accumulation. Watch our latest film with demonstration of the tool at Ullrigg test center at NORCE Norwegian Research Centre outside Stavanger.